When replacing Factory of electric heater “Srecko” in new plants, the production process would not be interrupted, a workshop was created that ended the already agreed business and accepted new ones. As this manufactory proved to be capable of accepting all the challenges, with considerable flexibility, the idea was created to continue with the work and to form, therefore, a small company for the production of small series and nameplates „Lucky hep“.

The most inexperienced people from “Srecko” were the team and the life of the Lucky hep factory began. “Srecko” has remained in the name of the company, it is only translated into English, and the abbreviation for hep – heating elements production is added, which translated into Serbian means the production of electro – heaters.
Manufacturer’s focus are heater that don’t exist in water and electricity stores as well as heaters that are yet to be designed according to specific customer requirements. We also produce small series for first installation in hospitality, medical, industrial …
The advantage that we can offer to our clients is maximum dedication to each grinder, from design, from process to quality testing. Each member of the team carries out its part of the work with great care and does not release the semi-finished product into the further production if it is not sure of its correctness. Our heaters are tested every passing through the hands of the masters, and the word “reclamation” does not exist in our communication with clients. We are aware that the only viable marketing in our industry is quality, short production time and price. We produce the best quality materials currently present on the Serbian market.